Social media safety. Are you proud of everything you post online?

A great video for tweens, teens to watch on how to use social media positively,
while also making you aware of how not to use it.

I recently discovered Josh Ochs on youtube. He has done some great informative videos on being safe and smart online.

The main tips from this video were

1. make sure you can be proud of whatever you post.

2. Do share your location online.

3. If you are at a sleep over or social and your taking pictures, do not share them online immediately.
Wait until the next day and perhaps choose to share one photo that you and your friends would be proud of.

As an aside as parents how aware are we of what we post online. The message is clear. Don’t post what you wouldn’t be proud of.

Thank you for the numerous chats I have had this week with a number of you in the community. Part of the reason I am motivated to learn about all this ‘stuff’ is to be able to support my children. I am most certainly no expert on social media but rather than be afraid of it or think my children wont get exposed to it because they are perhaps not allowed on anything at home – I thought I had best inform myself so I can actually share when my children aren’t in my company but spending time with their friends in their homes where the rules around technology may be different.

I have a daughter that is 13 and she uses Kik (texting using a wifi connection) to stay in touch with her friends and snapchat (takes temporary videos and pictures). We have been having a chat this evening about how she uses Snapchat. The interesting thing about snap chat is that children generally think that whatever they send will be deleted after 7 seconds. With this in mind there could be the potential to send some ‘silly stuff’ The issue is that whatever you do send can be downloaded by the person receiving the message if that’s what they wanted to do.

Would love to hear from anyone with children who are using some form of social media. How do you approach things?


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