Inspired by sad events by Suf, Messi and Master Teddy


So one of our chickens got nabbed a few weeks back by a one of the local cats. This was a video made by the children in response to that. You may be aware of the campaign running in NZ at the moment around re posturing ourselves on how we view cats. They are not just fluffy bundles of goodness!  Further information can be found by clicking the following link Cats to go


A great learning experience for the 13 year old to find a way to bring the 9 and 5 year old together as a team. The oldest wrote the script, rehearsed, filmed and finally edited the video. The adults had no input into the video. The  modelling (showing them each skill and then doing it together) of each part of the process over the last number of videos is finally producing dividends.

Would you like to make a video and send it into Purple cow? Parents if you are reading this and would love to get your child involved, please do get in touch. Go on, you know you want to.




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