Encouraging youngsters to pick themselves.

So it starts at school. Waiting to be picked to sit at the back of assembly on the special bench. You sit up, with your back  straight and tightly cross those little arms and legs of yours. You look around and double check that your doing the same thing as everyone else. Its all looking good and you feel like your going to get picked until some snotty little kid from left field gets chosen instead.

This disappointment we feel echoes itself right into our adult lives. Still waiting to be picked are we?

Rarely do people get picked in organisations because they have something amazing to offer. Its usually because they are a safe bet, will usually conform to the managers above them or perhaps there is a little bit of nepotism. Why would you want to be picked under those circumstances?

Why not pick your self. Put yourself forward for the next challenge that arises either at work or in some other area of your life. If your not prepared to put yourself forward for anything why would anybody else bother even looking in your direction.

Now lets turn our attention to the young people in our lives. How do we support them to have the confidence and an unshakeable belief  in putting themselves forward?

Would positive modelling help? If we do it, there is a good chance that our children will follow.


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