How Minecraft can develop reading comprehension.


Did you know that Minecraft is gaining momentum in a growing number of school environments as a neat learning tool? The game was created in Sweden and has about 40 million users worldwide. All my children are into the game. Who would have thought that a game that looks like a virtual lego would get my them, communicating and strategizing to escape zombies,wolves in addition to  developing time management skills whilst playing in survival mode. And its all happening in 3D.

In a world where 3D thinking is being increasingly used, this kind of thinking is becoming increasingly important. We have 3D printers, movies and even medicine has advanced such that they are able to make bone structures, arteries and goodness knows what else.

I mentioned earlier that the game can be played in survival mode. It can also be played in creation mode where you can build structures, animals and pretty much anything you can imagine. This got me thinking. What if your child was reading a book on the American Indians as an example and were then able to depict some aspect of their understanding of the text with Minecraft? When we read we naturally make our own movie in our minds about what the characters may look like, where it is set and other details we may feel are pertinent. This process helps us understand the story

Check out the video below by Messi for an example.



Would love to hear what you think.





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