So whats the future hold?

Purple cow collective as we are now known were delighted to be able to attend the Festival of the Future that was held in central Auckland last weekend. The festival exceeded all expectations. As an educator, I was personally blown away by the idea’s, innovations and enterprising natures of the young people making their mark in Aotearoa.

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We meet 19 year old Tzar Marsters from Hamilton who has set up a dance school(Federation Dance Academy) and inspiring children from Primary through to secondary schools. A young man having a positive impact through his persistence, and flexible mindset. He is also a mean DJ.
Please check out his work on facebook.

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We also meet Taylor Finderup. A fifteen year old who has led a successful campaign in banning shark finning in New Zealand. This is just a snippet from two of the numerous young people who shared their stories over the weekend. More details and shortly the video links to the other speakers will be available at Festival for the future

Key themes that emerged from the weekend were….

1. There is no age barrier around being able to make a positive difference in our own lives and in lives of the others.

2. Be passionate about what you believe in.

3. Surround yourself with passionate people.

4. Have a go. Just start!

Can you start to see a pattern emerging here? So lets think about the young people in our lives. How can we nurture these traits, grow them and make them into strong muscles? We need to start to reconsider our educating role in our children’s lives outside of the school setting. What do you think?

Lets start the conversation.


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