Reframing a barrier to learning as an opportunity

So, if you have not already figured things out, we have a passion in our whanau for Education. Not just our own, but for lifting up others too.

My day job involves me being creative, solving problems and finding practical applications to Educational research that can be used to support teachers to support the children in their classrooms.

I was fortunate enough to be able to share some of the work I have been doing at an Educational conference in Wellington.


In very simple terms, my presentation was about using an aspect of technology to remove some of the barriers that teachers face in their work, both physically and otherwise. It was also about how technology, if used in a very specific way with teachers learning can have a positive impact that flows onto the children.

This seems really obvious when you say it out loud as more and more classrooms use apps and other software to remove barriers for children’s learning.

Where there is a will there is indeed a way. Attitude is key.

So the question for me as a parent is how can I develop a mindset in my children to reframe not only barriers to learning but to anything that they come up against. We have one child who really doesn’t like writing. I know how they feel.They know that they are not very good at it because they know the level of their writing group. They also don’t associate any positive feelings to the writing process. I know how they feel. I was exactly the same. In tackling this scenario we talk to our child around looking at expressing what they would have been writing down in a different way. We use their strength of expressing themselves orally as a way of showing them another way of recording what they would have otherwise  written down.When we watch movies at home we talk about the structure of the story and how the characters have been portrayed. Feeding them with the information in this alternative way, from which they regain their confidence we then look at writing something down.

This is just an approach we use in supporting one of our children in a perceived barrier they have. We just chip away slowly, to reframe how they see the barrier. Its not always easy.As mentioned previously, we at Purple cow collective do not purport to have any answers.

How do you reframe a barrier as a learning opportunity for the children that you are engaged with?

We would love to hear your thoughts.



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