Life is your talents discovered

Sir Ken Robinson who is a thought leader in Education recently spoke at TEDx in Liverpool, England. This is an inspiring video for parents and whanau. Our talents and those of our childrens are intelligences worthy of recognition and discovering.

Intelligence is not just about doing well at Math and English and getting into the top class. Its so important for us to share this message with the young people in our lives. Sad to say it is still the case that so many young people and adults, see this to be the case. Not through any fault of their own but more perhaps through misunderstanding what really can matter and make a difference. One of of our own children think they are dumb because they struggle with Maths! Its taking a lot of talk convincing them otherwise as there still is such an emphasis in many schools on scholastic ability and the recognition you receive if you are are naturally high achiever in these areas. Of course this is not to blame schools in any way shape or form. Its a systems issue of the education system at this moment in time.

Its interesting what messages our young people pick up. For the young people in our lives, communicating the idea that we can express our intellignences in various ways. Writing a play or choreographing and performing a dance have equally if not more taxing demands on the brain than doing Math. These are example of demonstrating a deep intelligence.Sharing messages such as these would be so powerful. As they say, a life that is truly lived is a powerful one. We need to support our young people in their talents. That’s not to say that schools are not already doing this in some shape or form but to say that we can be powerful advocates in nurturing confidence and self worth.

What makes the eyes of the young people in your lives light up? What kinds of activities do they get lost in?

Finally, how about you? Are you doing what makes your eyes light up?


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