Fancy making a music video? by Suf and Messi

Our video was created by ‘video star’. This is a  free app available on the Apple Store for IPADS to make awesome music videos! Our music choice for this video was ‘Alive’ by Empire of the Sun. The music cost us $1.29.  Messi  and I used Video Star on my iPad. It took approximately an hour of filming and editing of our music video on a Saturday afternoon.

Video star is very easy to use and is a fun activity that doesn’t cost you anything. Why not make a music video with your friends. I strongly recommend getting Video Star.

A note from the adults in the house. The children showed us how to use this app. The kids had to work together. There was a lot of discussion around what needed to be done in each scene. There was certainly some deep thinking happening and collaboration between the siblings. Who knows, perhaps the adults in the house could even be persuaded to lip sync to some music!


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