Developing an edge to thrive in Asia

Asia is on our doorstep. If we would like our young people to thrive in a future working environment which is going to be markedly different from our own then you may want to catch the two minute video. Please click on the link and it will take you to the vimeo site.

The video shares some numbers around what the ‘face’ of New Zealand is projected to look like in the next number of years and suggests a number of ideas that you could start thinking about, if not already doing. Equipping the young people in our lives with a nod to Asia is really important to us as we know that when they grow up they will be competing with many more people in Asia for work.

You may be thinking, It’s up to schools to make our young people Asia aware and equipped. Yes of course, they can play their part but we can’t wait for schools if they see their priorities being in other areas of support which is completely reasonable.

What do you think? Do you think its important?


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