The never ending tunnel by Suf

As my parents, brothers, friends and I rode along the Karangahake  gorge in the Coromandel we took a sudden stop at a tunnel entrance and another road covered in bush and ferns. “Which way do we turn?” I ask my dad. “Through the tunnel,” says my dad opening my back pack and handing out pocket torches. I hold my torch and look through the tunnel, pitch black is all I see with lots of people hovering out of the tunnel with their dim torches on their wrists.


“let’s go,” we all say hopping onto our bikes and shining our torches. My brother, his friend and I lead on ahead shining our torches, even though the tunnel was swallowing the light up. As we went deeper and deeper into the tunnel I started to get colder and colder, so cold that I had to stop and breathe on my hands so they would warm up. “How long till we get to the end of this tunnel?” I ask my brother. “The tunnel is 1km we have a long way to go yet Sufia!” my brother shouts so you can hear his echo.

Tunnel 3

“WOO WOO” my brother yells “I’M A GHOST!!!!”                                                                                                            “shushhh,” I snap “you might scare Master Teddy”. Suddenly I lose control and tumble off to the side, banging my head on the stone side “OUCH” I say trying to get myself and my bike back up, I stand in old water and fall again, luckily I had my torch so I could see what I was doing. I got myself back up and I bought my bike to the middle of the path and started to ride my bike as fast as I could until I reached the end.

“That was a long tunnel” I thought to myself “the never ending tunnel.”


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