Line inducing Art by Vavi


Vavi is a talented young artist currently attending intermediate school. Inspired by the book, Line of thought which was loaned to him by his teacher, Vavi began his talented doodling. ” Art that anyone can do he adds. All you need is patience, and once you start, the lines can take you anywhere”. Quite insightful, which leads me  to say, never underestimate someone, just because they happen to be younger than you.

What do you think of Vavi’s art? He would love for you to feedback to him through the comments section below.


I’m Vavi` Maker of this line inducing piece of artwork. I’ve been drawing these Zen tangles for 2 years if not more.

These are a selection of some of my favourite drawings. I usually draw during class and sometimes after school.

I hope you enjoy these drawings.




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