Keeping your fingers crossed on cybersafety and hoping for the best

So who is teaching the young people in your lives about cybersafety?

At the moment in our New Zealand schools the teaching of cybersafety is not compulsory. So if its not, how is your young person learning about how to remain safe online? Some of us are lucky enough to have our children go to primary, intermediate and secondary schools that make a point of teaching the basics of internet safety, but there are many that don’t so what do you do?


We personally think living in the digital age as we are, that it’s really important that we give our young people the knowledge and strategies to use the internet in a safe and responsible way. So until New Zealand decides to make a policy decision around the teaching of internet safety in our schools compulsory its up to us as parents to not to keep those fingers crossed and hope for the best but to educate ourselves too. This was the place we found ourselves in at the start of this year.

We are a really busy family, as many of us are and because of the recent explosion of technology we had both experienced as educators in classrooms, which was somewhat overwhelming we had noticed that safety was something that was only touched on in passing. Reflecting also on the level of knowledge we had, there was a lot we did not know, so how were we going to support our kids? Well there has been a lot of learning since then. We have found some really helpful websites with free resources that we have included links to on this site. Please do take a look at them and inform yourselves and share with the young people in your lives. Alternatively Purple cow collective do run  safe kids, web wise workshops. Ask us about details.

We have spoken with a number of parents about their fear of allowing their children to learn anything about how to navigate the internet safely, because as the parent they are unsure about the internet and feel that they are too young as a year 5 or 6 student to learn about internet safety. To these parents we share, that we understand your apprehension about the web, however we cannot escape the fact that our children are being raised in a digital age, so why wouldn’t we want to prepare,educate and inform them to prepare them? Also why not journey alongside them and let your children share with you. This may alleviate some of the fears you may have.

As usual we would love to hear your thoughts and strategies on how you support the young people in your lives or maybe on something we have missed. We love learning too!

Have a great Saturday.


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