Kim Beale, passionate soccer coach inspiring young people in West Auckland and beyond

Here is our latest video from the Purple cow collective. If you are a parent of soccer enthusiasts and you don’t know who Kim Beale is, well here is your chance.

Kim runs soccer coaching programmes for kids in schools. Arahoe, Kaurilands and Waitakere are just a few of the schools he is involved with. Kim runs his soccer for life programme where he cleverly integrates the values of otherness, gratitude, respect, and patience into strengthening the skills of children to relate better with those around them. I would liken it to a social skills programme using the vehicle of soccer. If Kim currently doesn’t come to your kids school, please do share Kim’s details with them.

Kim is all about supporting young people to be remarkable in their own way. Young Messi has been going along to Kim’s SAFCA  street soccer coaching programme, held after school at Glen Eden Intermediate for the past couple of years and has just loved it. He can’t actually get enough.

Purple cow collective really do wish to promote business and local causes out here in West Auckland that inspire our young people to be remarkable. If you are reading this and think you might like to align yourselves with us, then lets talk.

Our young people our amazing and there are so many amazing people doing things out West that are really encouraging and lifting our youngsters up and supporting them to tap into their potential, whatever that may be.

If you like what we are doing,please like us on facebook or even perhaps tweet us @moocowcollect

Oh and please do comment below. As you know, we love hearing from you.

To you and the young people in your lives. Keep being remarkable.

Enjoy your Sunday. So grateful that the sun is out 🙂



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