How big is your pro active voice?

At times we all need to advocate for either our own children on other youngsters we are in our charge. The question is, when things get tough, for either us or the kids how far are you prepared to go? I came across the following video on CNN about a young person with autism who began educating his school and community and beyond about what Autism looks like and feels like. What a fantastic pro active strategy that takes an inclusive approach.

The approach taken by this young man and his supportive family was to educate those around them about Autism as opposed to feeling frustrated at people not understanding what Autism was. Sam has done something called a ‘positive opposite’, that is that he is modelling the behaviour that he would like to see.

You can watch Sam’s video here. The video is shared not because he comes under a special needs umberella but because he is a remarkable ten year old. If young people can do this,what can we do for ourselves and even pay the wave for others?  The following video is his acceptance speech of an award he received from CNN.

Incredibly powerful stuff eh! Wonder what the young person in your life is capable of?


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