Nigel Latta, on making peoples lives better.

In supporting our generation Z, to be remarkable I would say it’s pretty handy to present information and content be it at school and,or in the home in lots of different ways. We refer to this in Education as UDL.

Universal design for learning.The following was taken at the most recent TEDx in Christchurch, where all the talks shared were illustrated by pictures. Illustrating UDL perfectly.

What do you think Nigel latta’s talk was about?


Nigel Latta

What this approach also supports us to do is get around those barriers that are both physical and perceived. Conventions are open to interpretation and what technology is doing is breaking down convention. Slow at typing, well why not voice to text that essay you need to write. The question I often ask when working alongside teachers in schools is, “okay we have identified Jessi as not being able to get his idea’s down on paper the way we would like him to, but how else can he show you what he understands about ________?” This approach can be taken in addition to strengthening the young person in an area of need. Bolstering self esteem  can be a key consideration when supporting in this way.

It would be perfectly reasonable for us as parents to have this type of conversation with our child and even with their teacher, making it over time a ‘business as usual’ approach in terms of this is how we do things.



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