“People make mistakes. The thing with the mistakes on the internet is that they are public and tend to stay there forever- so best to learn how to keep safe on line from the early years.” _ Cybersafety resources

Cybersafety resources is a great site for any parent,educator,school, and lets not forget the children for discussing and sharing issues around cybersafety. You may also like to check out some of the other resources on this blog, that we have found useful and informative.Personally as a parent I feel that I need to educate myself around cybersafety so I can educate my own children. I don’t really want to leave this up to anyone else.

I like the golden rules listed on the site. I have copied and pasted them below. Great reminders! Here is the link if you would like to go further.

  • Don’t be scared to be a parent- you may not have the technical knowledge but you do have the life skills. Follow your gut instinct.
  • Talk to your kids. Take an interest in what they are doing. Spend time on line together so they learn from and with you.
  • Have boundaries, discuss expectations and set sensible rules – just as you do for everything else in life.
  • Discuss what to do if things go wrong – e.g. escape routes, reporting abuse and telling an adult.
  • Anyone important to you and your family will have your personal information. Protect this information from strangers.
  • Try to have internet access in a common area rather than in bedrooms.
  • Help your kids understand the need to check out “friends” online as there are no clues by appearance or body language.
  • Always respond strongly to cyberbullying!
  • There are over six billion people watching – don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see.
  • The internet should be a positive experience for kids. If not and conversations, comments and questions make them uncomfortable then we adults should be ready to step in to support and to expose! 
  • Make sure your internet browser, firewall & filtering is always up-to-date.  There are monitoring and software filters available too.

So next time, your kids are on Class of Clans or anything else, take an interest in what they are doing online……

Keep safe 🙂


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