Preparing for an uncertain world

The following reader asks, “What’s the point of your blog?”

This is a really good question. To begin with, being able to support young people today to make sense of the world that they are living in and to help prepare them for the uncertain world that they will be entering into is a big challenge for many. Whether you are a parent, educator or other interested individual we all want the very best for our children but its probably not as simple as when we were growing up. Doing reasonably well at school and perhaps going to university is not enough anymore.

In an uncertain world its becoming more about developing the skill sets of flexibility, self managing, problem solving, resilience, creativity etc. It has become increasingly important for me to untie my children’s learning from school. This means that I want my children to see that learning does not only take place in a designated space, but happens everywhere and is seamless. Learning does not stop at the end the school day. I am aware that as the children get older and find work they will be expected to manage their own learning and complete courses remotely. I don’t know about you, but my working life now expects me to learning online in hubs and communities.

What about you? Are you a traditionalist in your thinking about young people, wanting just wanting the academic stuff, or are you more open to allow children to grow and excel at their passions? or you may be somewhere in between.

This blog is a space to allow young people to share their interests and passions, and strengthen their own learning muscles. Young Messi has certainly developed his confidence now in interviewing others and adlibing. This is a learning opportunity that he created for himself with support and something that was not available for him at his school. So again, this blog is a space for young people to create and make their own learning and fun to share with others through the medium of technology. Lets face it, technology is here to stay so modeling to our positive ways of integrating this into our lives in a way that we can be enriched by it is bonus.

Summer fun

Have a great week.



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  1. Jeannie says:

    Thought provoking comments which have sparked my thinking in this domain..

    I think children live in a completely different world today to the one in which alot of ‘us’ parents grew up in; a more complex and busy one. Onlline learning is certainly at the forefront in education particualrly at the tertiary level.

    Our children have to contend with the demands of achieving curriculum expectations in what seems like a competitive way to acquire a multitude of skills to enable them to keep abreast of technological change. They do cope remarkably well.

    A question which comes to mind is how are they able to express themselves creatively in a way which recognises their individual talent? I don’t think all children have the opportuities to do this in the classroom….
    Having this website space in which chidlren can experience learning in a creative way and at their own pace, is an innovate idea. I believe that this creates a pathway in which the complexities of learnng becomes more meaningful and accessible to children. I also agree, that this website provides a forum for children to freely express themselves without the environmental constraints of the academic school environment.

    Thank you Purple Cow Collective!


    1. Purple cow collective says:

      Agree with you entirely JT. I think what children are doing beyond and outside the classroom is becoming more significant in preparing children for the future because there will always be I believe the constraints you mention. I am not talking about just doing homework either. My question would be how can we get our youngsters to want to create and take their meaningful learning, passions into a school environment as they progress through school? This would require support from parents who feel confident enough to participate in this way.

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