Click once for social contact

Watching this video reminded me of our resident teenager. Our children are growing up in an exciting age but also a very challenging one. How do we help support our youngsters in managing their time on social media? It appears so natural for young people to always want to connect online with friends. The current understanding is that young people don’t distinguish between their offline and online behaviour. This I find somewhat worrying, so I believe that part of my role as a parent is to keep the channels of communication open in regards to developing our teenagers digital responsibility in what they say and share online. Its a hard slog trying to explain to a youngster the idea of ‘forever’ in regards to the digital footprint they leave in the world and how an unintended photo of something perfectly innocent or silly at the time can come back to bite you later on. When trying to explain such matters to said teenager the ideas don’t seem tangible enough to them to fully comprehend which is completely understandable, so we have started turning our child’s attention to news articles and stories that seem to be popping up, to place what we are trying to share in a real world context.

The following is a link to an article on Cyberbullying. Again a very real topic.


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