Battling labels and on defining yourself.

Part of the day to day for purpose work that I am involved in is ensuring that young people and their families get access to the resources that they need in the school setting so that they can have as much of a chance to reach their potential as any other young person.

Sometimes the young people come with labels which can help in terms of accessing government funding and provide a context for understanding their behaviours and traits but on the most part I personally have found labelling unhelpful as we don’t often get to see the wonderful, remarkable young person that lies beneath. The video aptly illustrates my point.

Why should someone else get to label and define a young person or anyone for that matter?

Encourage them to find their own way of being in the world, beyond the label and our society wanting to always categorise and have order to things. This approach is perhaps unhelpful on a deep human level by limiting the talents that we all have to offer.


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