On creating and not consuming.

Love this one minute video by Master Teddy. A simple and effective way to capture awe and wonder at the sight of a butterfly that has just hatched.

Getting youngsters to see the difference between consuming technology, which most of us do anyway (surfing the net, facebook, playing games) and creating using technology is a nice way to illustrate how Technology can be used advantageously.

We usually send a link to the videos made by Master Teddy to share with his class at school for news. This has multiple benefits. At his junior age, langauge development is very important. He can be quite shy so sharing with his classmates in this way supports his social development. Last but not least is the subliminal message to him that we can learn anywhere.

So these school holidays, part of our family plan is to do more creating and less consuming!

Always love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great week.


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