On making your place a makers space.

Getting children to develop their creativity means that we need to get more creative about how we get them there.

We could drop them off at a holiday session for Art, the local libray in Glen Eden perhaps to knit their own Zombie or make a poppy run by someone else, or we could give it a go ourselves if we are so inclined. By the way, have you noticed that our libraries are becoming more of a place where you can make things?

Not a gardener or a handy person we found a pallet by the side of the road and using Youtube as our teaching guide made an upright planting box with Messi and Master Teddy. As a follow on from a previous post which talked about creating using technology as opposed to consuming, when we are creative, innovation is more likely to happen. Being creative is evolutionary and supports us in being more adapable and flexible.

The planting box we made did not exactly match the one that we watched on youtube. Improvisation was neccesary as we did not have all the correct materials. Great learning for our kids and me!

makerspace1 makerspace2


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