On strengthening collaborative skills.

Think of the skills that were used in making the following planter box.

Being able to collaborate is a key skill we are always looking at growing with the children. Collaboration involves a shared responsibility in the outcomes of a project or idea. Everyone plays their part. Collaboration is also where there is (as much as possible) an equal participation and consensus on decision making. Now you may be thinking that this is just like working as a group in a class setting. I would suggest here that not all the individuals in a group would necessarily play an active role and have a shared responsibilty in what is being produced by the group.

So far from the usual active role that we can and do play in our youngsters learning journey such as listening to them read, coaching their soccer team and helping them with their homework to name but a few how many of them would you say involve collaboration? In a future where are youngsters are going to most probably dealing with others in a global setting on collaborative projects and work in their futures, collaboration is a critical skill.

To end with, the following clip is also worth a look as it explores why those learning today require a mode of learning that supports the time they are growing up in. Although this clip is designed with the teacher in mind, remember that we will always be our child’s first teacher.

Have a great week.


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