Who is inspiring your child right now?

For Peter Leilua, it was his father many years ago. Watching his parents take people into their home while he was growing up. Helping, supporting and empowering were Peter’s takeaways in the for purpose life that he leads with his wife who are empowering many of the youth in the Mount Roskill area of Auckland.

It takes courage to give away full-time jobs. Both Peter and Tili gave up their roles in the Auckland courts to set up the Global Lighthouse charity in 2009. There is just a strong message of ‘active’ support for people and community. Please do check out Messi’s interview with Peter.

You guys are inspiring!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss Moo says:

    Hi Purple Cow great interview! Learning about Peter and what he does was awesome. You did a cool job on interviewing Peter. He seems like a pretty nice person. I like Peter, and i liked the way you interviewed him.

    from Miss Moo

    1. Purple cow collective says:

      Thanks Miss Moo for watching my video. Is there anything I could improve on? from Messi

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