How do you create the need to know?

Supporting children to find meaning in their academic efforts could be a key to their internal motivation.

How original to connect learning to children’s interests to generate their own need to know. It’s in the need to know that some of the most important learning takes place that can be connected to real life. This is not always easy in a school. You have perhaps got more of a chance of this happening in a primary setting than a secondary setting, as they are less constrained around the idea of children having to sit examinations.

How we respond to this as parents depends on what futures we anticipate for our children. The very idea that people can shape and carve out their own future is still a very recent idea. I really would like my children to know that they can create a future for themselves in what I can only describe as a very uncertain world. The need to know is a critical ingredient in shaping this future.

Don’t wait for an educational institution to create the need to know in your child (not that there are any guarantees in this), pick yourself and pick your child by encouraging your kids to apply the strengths that they have to their personal interests.

A young girl in a family I am working with at the moment is one of the most descriptive writers I have come across. Of primary school age this child’s stories conjure up a vivid imagery. Interestingly enough this child is also bored at school and doesn’t see the point and is slowly losing steam.It has been suggested to the parents that their child write a short story that they can then publish online. Now we a very interested child and equally motivated parents out on their own learning journey around how to support their child from an alternative, empowered and invested approach.

Create the need to know.


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