Empowering parents with the need to know.

It is really important  for us here at the Purple cow collective to empower parents, so it will come as no surprise that we start to share what we know to support you to inspire your child to be the best that they can be using a variety of non traditional approaches.


Photo credit: http://www.theconfidencelounge.com

Thanks to those parents who attended our first workshop – Inspiring your child to be remarkable – at the end of June.

We began with the overarching question of ….

“What are your child’s interests and strengths?”

“What is it about these activities that they like?”.

Here we were trying to discover what motivates a youngster to want to do the particular activity. For one of my children who loves to swim, its the competitive nature and precision of the activity that draws them to enjoy and want to do the activity. These could be described as two of my child’s internal drivers or motivators. By having an understanding of my child in this way helps me to think about how I can help my child find other activities that pushes these same motivators and thus helping strengthen them.

We soon discovered as a group of parents  that if you are not sure why our  child likes a particular activity, this is the perfect opportunity for a conversation to find out.

There was great conversation around what parents did not know about the key competencies taught in New Zealand  schools and what they felt they understood about what the 21st Century skills looked like. These were introduced briefly and will revisited during future workshops.

To put the session in context, we then viewed the following video created by the Asia foundation on what our young people need to thrive in the future. What do you think your child needs to thrive?

By knowing what our children need to thrive, we empower ourselves and unschool ourselves as adults from the school system. School is just one of a number of places that our children can learn. By reframing school in this fashion as a parent we can reframe what school means to our children. As mentioned in a previous post, I wish to untie my child’s learning from school as I see this prospect and approach much more beneficial to my own children thriving. How do you do this you ask?

Well this will be one of the topics up for  discussion at our next workshop – Building learning power– at the end of the month

Please do come and find us on Facebook for details of our next workshop.

Till then.


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