Supporting your child to curate.

As we begin two weeks of school holidays here in New Zealand, why not explore Thinglink.

Children are expected to make meaning from a variety of media, be it video, audio, images or print.

This site is really cool for layering image and other media. Even the Metropolitan Police are onto it!

Another equally cool tool that you may wish to experiment with is Adobe voice which is an IPAD app.

adobe voice

Your voice is the most powerful instrument when it comes to storytelling. This app allows you to combine, images, music and text to create a really slick, attention grabbing video in a very short space of time. Perfect for practicing those speech competitions that usually come up in term 3, for the Year 4, 5 and 6 students.

These will be  two tools that we will be exploring over the course of  our holidays. Nothing too heavy, perhaps just one afternoon next week to play and experiment alongside the children.

Get kids creating using technology I say. The more I am able to reframe my own children to create using Technology as opposed to consuming the better.


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