Fit in or stand out.

The following piece of writing is from one of my favourite authors – Seth Godin.

” There are countless people waiting to tell you how to fit in, waiting to correct you, advise you, show

you what you are doing wrong. And no one is pushing you to stand out…. it’s clear to me that we’re really good

at establishing and maintaining the status quo. Fit in too much though, and nothing much happens.” p202. ‘Linchpin’.

So, having read this, what does this make you think about in relation to you and the young people in your lives?

We are all unique individuals and I strongly believe that every single child has a talent and gift to share with the world.

Part of our philosophy is supporting young people to discover what their unique gifts and talents are, as sadly many young people can make their way through the school system having either never being recognised for their special ability or have the opportunity to be supported in discovering more about themselves.

What would you be doing right now, if you were supported as a child in understanding more about you, getting the best out of the ways you learn best and purposely building on your strengths?


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