Programme your brain with a supportive crew.

It is really important for our young people to understand that what you feed your brain with is what you will end up getting out!

If you feed your brain with friends who are usually negative about others and are prepared to pull down your dreams with a “your not good enough line” chances are that they will be going nowhere fast if they continue to keep this type of company. As the saying goes you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. How do you rate on this score?

Helping children understand that, getting the best out of their brains not only means feeding it with the necessary good food and hydration but also with kind and supportive words in recognition of effort rather than outcome are a few of the key ingredients for any child to pursue those big dreams.

Sharing some of our own stories with our children about some of our friendships (good and bad) is a great starting point for any discussion. Ask them about what they like about the friends they have. If they are vague about why they like them, i.e. because they are ‘nice’, then gently nudge them further to gain a deeper understanding.

By discovering why they like spending time with friends also begins unmasking some of their key values about themselves, which is pretty important stuff if we are on the journey with our youngsters in ensuring they are the best they can be!

This self knowledge will also help them in discerning and making positive choices for themselves in regards to the company they keep.

kas looking up


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