Flicking the switch to building better learning tracks in your childs brain.

The emotional states of our brain changes the efficiency of how they can work.

There is a switching station in the brain called the AMYGDALA, that responds to stress. Stress in a school context for a child could look like the following

-stress from not getting something while learning, and so getting frustrated

– Stress from feeling like a failure in class.

– Stress from having to take assessments or taking part in speech competitions.

– Not finding any personal relevance in what is being taught.

– Being bored or asked to complete activities that a child is already able to do well etc.

Stress can build up in the Amygdala to a point at which it switches off the pathway to the thinking part of the brain (Pre – frontal cortex or higher brain).

So what!

The thinking part of our brain is the place where we receive new information, that we can then store in our long term memory. If this part of the brain is cut off, no new learning can take place and be held in long term memory.

Activating your child’s Amygdala so that learning can take place.

So we have learned that stress puts the Amygdala in a negative state. We are able to click the Amygdala forward to have positive experiences by

– laughing

– experiencing happy times – why not have some uplifting music playing on a regular basis.

– Thinking in an imaginative way such as asking your child to imagine them winning their school speech competition, recreating happy memories or anything else that they are passionate about.

These are just a few examples. Empowering your child to understand how their brain works means that they can take the skills they learn at home into their school setting to support learning.

Why not get your child in this positive frame, before they do their home learning.

Energy mindful kids is a great place for those of you wanting to find out more and the six minute video below is also worth a watch.


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