Harry Potters epic fail.

If you have read the Harry Potter books, or read them to your children you will know that good and the truth, triumph over evil and that there is a happy ending for dear Harry.

The following video of J.K. Rowling the author of the Harry Potter books, addressing graduates at Harvard University.

She speaks of failure and how this gave her the push and determination in bringing her hero into the world. Failure is often viewed in society negatively and in our school systems, where success appears to be defined as passing endless assessments and aquiring skills with minimum effort and being quick thinker.

So what can we learn about failure and what message can we give our kids?

  • It’s okay to fail. It’s a natural part of the learning process.
  • Support your child in reframing any failure as an opportunity. When things don’t go exactly as your child planned, ask them to reflect -” What could you do differently next time?”
  • Share your stories of when things did not go exactly to plan, and what you learned.
  • Share a few you tube videos around failure and talk these through with your child. I quite like the one below, however there are many others. It is also a great opportunity for a History lesson!

How do you and your child currently view failure?


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