Let your kids see you struggle – Guest post.

Do your kids love big words…. then why not teach them this one – Neuroplasticity –  it’s important!

Look it up, it’s one of the most important words in learning since neuroscience has given us the ability to look inside our brains to see what is happening. This has changed our mindset around learning.

We used to think we were allotted a certain intelligence and that was your basic lot in life…not true. Our brains are amazing…they can change with hard work and determination. Every experience and practice of a new skills makes connections in our brain and strengthens neural pathways. We are changing the structure of our brain everyday. That is what learning is!
What are you learning right now?
Let your kids see you struggle to pick up a new skill…

Let them hear your self talk, “Come on Jo”.  Sure it’s frustrating right now but yesterday you couldn’t even connect to that device and now you can use the basic functions!
Model some strategies for dealing with wanting to give up…”Hmm, okay time for a break, I’ll come back in half an hour and try again.” Let them see your baby steps, let them hear your motivation.
Share your struggles with learning with your kids, model how to compare your progress with yourself and not someone else.
Celebrate progress!!!

Ask them for encouragement.

In other words…
Model being the kind of learner you want them to be!

Chances are your kids will be the same.

Next time….Do you have a fixed or growth mindset?

Jo Turner (Educator, Facilitator and brain fan)


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