Feeling comfortable in the uncomfortable

This post is dedicated to Miss Moo who is preparing for her own year 4 speech competition.

In many primary schools across Auckland part of the learning over the term has been about preparing, writing and delivering a speech. Young Messi already had to go through two rounds of judging from his peers and then three principals before he was able to reach the West Auckland finals. Fear of public speaking is the most common of all phobias, and something most people would avoid doing if they had a choice.

To help combat nervous energy, Messi practiced and practiced and watched some inspirational speakers on Youtube. His favourites were President Obama and Martin Luther KIng. He visualised being one of them as he delivered his speech to give him additional confidence and found his own hand gestures that worked for him.

We focused young Messi on the process as opposed to the outcomes of the competition he was entered in.

What did he learn?

  • Lots of practice brings confidence.
  • A recognition of how far he has come in his public speaking (very important as he felt disappointment at being placed third). Cue sharing of information with him about J.K Rowling who was turned away by twelve publishers.
  • Going through the PROCESS of learning.
  • Appreciation of other children giving him feedback.
  • Appreciation of how powerful messages can be spread using words.
  • Different perspectives – everyone had a different idea of what public speaking was to them. Some were pacing up and down the stage when delivering their speech or bouncing around in a costume etc.
  • An appreciation of all the other 9 children who competed. It is a hard thing to do.

Messi would love your feedback on his speech.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss Moo says:

    Thanks for the message. I liked the way you sounded keen and confident in your presentation. I really liked the topic as it is very important. It was great see you present as it has given me some confidence to do mine. Congratulations Messi …. from Miss Moo

    1. Flourishing Minds says:

      Dear Miss Moo, we are looking forward to hearing all about your speech. Good luck.

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