Changing the game.

So how many parent’s been to a brain awareness workshop lately where you get to learn how the brain works and how you can support your own children to get the best out of the ‘most powerful’ part of themselves? When you first learn to drive your instructor takes you through the parts of the car that you need to use and explain their functions. This makes complete sense when you put it like this, so why aren’t children taught about how their brains work?

There is very little out there, so that’s why we have begun to share this learning here at the Purple Cow collective in bespoke fashion with small groups of interested parents. Education is finally (albeit still slowly) recognising the importance of Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity – the brains ability to change. How empowering for children to know about ways that they can get their brains to function better.

 What have my children learned?

  • They know that they can prepare their brains to be into a positive state before they attack their learning by jumping on our neighbours trampoline (thanks neighbour), listening to some specific brain music as just too examples.
  • Have a couple of strategies to get them  out of a frustrated state if struggling with learning.
  • They have a growing awareness of what parts of the brain they respond from when they get upset etc.


If you came or skyped into one of our introductory brain awareness sessions, what would you expect to take away?

  • Busting of a number of popular brain myths.
  • An effective example of a child friendly way to explain the Thinking, emotional and reptilian parts of the brain.
  • Understand what happens when our brains get stressed and how we can reduce that stress.


Our next session in the series will be on Harnessing your child’s brain power on Saturday October 10th.

happy mind

Our children are ‘connected’ more than any other generation over multiple devices and screens. Come along and learn a few strategies to support your child to ‘disconnect’ and ‘reconnect’ with renewed focus to learn. Please do get in touch if you would like more information about this upcoming workshop.


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  1. vbstuart says:

    Great read. I’m trying to teach all my students to be aware of the power of their brains.

    1. Purple cow collective says:

      Kia Ora Vanessa from New Zealand. Thank you for visiting our humble blog. It would be great to learn more about the ways you are engaging young minds to become more brain aware. Do you have any strategies that work particularly well, that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

      1. vbstuart says:

        We are currently piloting some books for PK-2 and using “Brainology” for our older students. I think we are finding the key is to look for examples and then plan for how our students can show growth mindset, then giving praise that supports growth and effort rather than perfection.

      2. Purple cow collective says:

        That sounds fantastic. I am figuring that you may have read Dr Carol Dwecks book on Mindset. She shares a variety of examples on reframing statements to more
        of the growth mindset model. I have found when sharing about growth mindsets with children, or anyone for that matter that we are often all a mixture of both the mindsets. What do you think?

      3. vbstuart says:

        Absolutely. I think it is easier to have a growth mindset with the things that come more easily. It is easier to slip back into a fixed mindset with the things that are hardest to improve. They need more practice.

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