Its a kind of Magic.

Music is magic, transformative and inspiring  and can provide another language for the brain. The social and educational benefits of learning a musical instrument and participating in music-making are well documented.

Music lessons can be costly however there can be alternatives. Messi and his siblings attend  a music School in Auckland, and have done so over the past few years. This school provides Ministry of Education subsidised, Saturday morning group music tuition for primary and intermediate age school students.

So what are some of the benefits of a musical education?

1. Early musical training can support the areas of the brain that are involved with language and reasoning.

2. A causal link between music and spatial intelligence ( being able to form mental pictures of things).

3. Strengthening of creative thinking and problem solving muscles.

4. Music study can also strengthen teamwork skills and discipline. Think about the skills that would be needed if your child gets to perform as part of a larger group.

Interested in taking it further?

There are Ministry of Education subsidised music schools throughout Auckland and the rest of the New Zealand so worth asking at your local school where your nearest venue would be. Being a part of a music school is not only a fantastic way of meeting other music loving families, your children will also receive authentic opportunities to perform and share with others.

Have a great week.

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  1. Coryn Smith says:

    thanks for this info, i did not know there were places you could go that were not as costly. as this has always been a barrier for us.

    1. Purple cow collective says:

      Hi Coryn, Kelston Music school would be a great place for you to try next February. They advertise in the Western Leader in regards to enrollment times and currently yearly fees from memory are $100. Not bad. The tutors are fantastic and take a real interest in the children and a passion for their craft.

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