Purposeful learning.

Sometimes children learn best when they can see a purpose for their learning.

How amazing would it be for any child to have their artistic creations displayed within the contemporary space of Te Uru Gallery in West Auckland. Well this is what happened for every child at Titirangi Primary School at the end of term.

Using the concept of ‘inspiration’, children at the school from year 0 to year 6 embarked on a learning journey to find out about their chosen artists, and learn about artistic techniques and styles that would become incorporated into their own masterpieces over the last six weeks.

Messi was inspired by the American artist Laurel Burch who left home at the age of 14 and began making jewellery for herself to create a sense of connection after leaving behind a tumultuous life.art6art 1

The end results were outstanding.  Messi and Master Ted were beside themselves with pride to show us their creativity.

Learning with a purpose

When learning in a context where there is a purpose, the brain is more likely to remember the pieces of information associated with the learning much more easily.



Our home version of purposeful learning was a visit to our local retirement home at Selwyn Village to share some music with the residents along with a few other musicians. Suddenly, practice took on a different meaning. There was a reason to get better.

Young people of today are not our citizens in waiting. They are citizens and part of being remarkable is about also being able to serve others.

How do you get your children involved in purposeful learning?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. vicki says:

    very cool idea Ara…like it alot
    see you friday

    1. Purple cow collective says:

      Cheers Vicki.

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