Waiting for the unicorn.

Support your kids to dream big and set goals or the stuff that they want to do with their life will be the stuff of unicorns.

Get them a note book.

Support them to write their goals in the present tense.

three small goals over a term ought to do it. Remember that goals can be set at any time of the year, they are not just reserved for the start of a new year.

A learning goal, an experience, growing a specific sports skill. Whatever takes your child’s fancy. When goals are written down, they are much more likely to happen.

Ask your child to keep the notepad next to their bed.Get your child to read their goals each morning if possible. Talk to your child about how clever the brain is and how it works to help to identify opportunities and reminds them to take particular actions that take them towards achieving their goals as their mind becomes much more focused.

One of Messi’s goals over these term holidays is to complete one hours worth of coding. More on this later.

What are you and your child waiting for?

Support them to upset their own status quo!



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