Harnessing your child’s brain power

Loved sharing our last workshop on the above titled last night.

A few more child friendly brain strategies shared with parents with a focus on Mindfulness.

So what is Mindfulness?

Good question. Very simply, it is the art of paying attention in a particular way that is on purpose and in a particular way.

Mindfulness comes with a great list of benefits, and some of these are…..

Better focus and concentration
Increased calm
Decreased stress & anxiety
Enhanced health
Improved impulse control
Skillful ways to respond to difficult emotions
Increased self-awareness
Increased empathy and understanding of others

In this process, it is so important that our children develop an awareness of their own brain and how best to tap into it. Of course we get to learn along the way as the big people.


During our session we looked at creating calming jars and a couple of cool FREE apps that are tailored specifically to be used

with children and how this could be incorporated into your child’s daily routine. We also talked about heaps of other things that can support our children too to tap into the enormous potential that each person on this planet has.

Interested in knowing more about our ‘bespoke’ workshops? Please don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

Our current workshops are

Developing brain awareness

Confident kids

Harnessing your child’s brain power

Goal setting for success

Project Runway

Its the last day of the New Zealand school holidays. Have a great day, wherever you are, and many thanks for all your comments, feedback and casual chats here, there and everywhere.


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