Find the brilliance in the room

This is Adikas’s latest interview. He decided to update his moniker from Messi.

Rui Peng shares  how he goes about finding the brilliance in the community that he works in to empower young people using his company Critical Pixel Design

Thank you for your brilliance and humbling manner. We love what you guys are doing.

Adikas has been interviewing now for over a year. In that time, I have watched him grow in confidence and develop other soft skills. He still gets quite nervous before he meets people, however this is to be expected. The kind of learning he has gotten out of this is priceless. Who needs a private education! For me as a mum and educator, I have learned a great deal myself. Dealing with the technical side for starters, and all the extra chat and connections that you don’t get to see.

Getting involved, really involved in your kids learning does take an extra bit of effort. It’s more than taking your kids to an activity and leaving them to it to learn that dance, or to draw that Art. It’s added a lovely dimension to the relationship with my son and grown an ongoing discussion that we have that both helping and learning from each other serves us all.






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