Opportunity knocks, but only for those who go looking

Take one school gala, an idea and a boy who is slowly becoming comfortable with the idea of taking more risks. What do you get?

An opportunity of course!

Adikas was really brave, considering that he has only been at his new school for a term and a half. It was great for Adikas to get such positive feedback from parents who seemed more enthusiastic about his stall idea of creating posters for other kids using a simple app called


I am a firm believer in authentic learning experiences. They are absolutely priceless and you get to define yourself. There were not many children running stalls. In fact he was the only child apart from the school enviro group who were running the lemonade stand.

It would be great to see a lot more children running stands at school gala’s and other events just to give young people the exposure and for other kids to see and think, I can do that to.

So what did Adikas think about his solo experience……

“I felt really embarrassed to begin with. I had some of the boys from year 6 come over, look, talk to each other then walk away. It felt awkward, but then I felt okay about it as some people liked it, and I made some money.”

As we then explained to our boy…..

“Not everyone will like what you do, and that is okay as they don’t have to. Just don’t let others put you off. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable, it’s where learning happens”.

Of course we as his parents supported him with his stall.The opportunity really was the process and the opportunity for the conversation we had to support Adikas in building his character and soft skills.




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