Some one not like you.

One of the very strong values within our family is to raise our three children as global citizens. We aspire for them to be a citizen of the world with a responsibility to not only share, volunteer, advocate and have a positive impact through their actions but also to consider the Earth itself.

So what is the type of mindset we are looking to foster? Well, I quite like how its defined by Young global citizenwho see “A global citizen as first and foremost, human.  A global citizen thus does not discriminate based on nationality, race, gender, religion, sexuality, or any other secondary identities.  Instead, a global citizen sees these differences as fascinating- as new things to be learned and respected”.

We are lucky here in Auckland with the increasing diversity of cultures. In fact based on the NZ Super diversity report

“The market has changed, with almost 50 per cent of Auckland already Maori, Asian and Pacific, and by 2038 over 50 per cent of New Zealand’s population will be Māori, Asian and Pacific.

Research suggests that children are most receptive to learning about other cultures between the ages of seven and twelve (before they hit puberty) as puberty is usually a time when stereotypical  thinking and enthocentrism can set in.

The beauty of being able to learn from every individual, place, and event amazes a global citizen, and they also recognize that they also have something to offer.”

Personally, one of the most important things is to instill the right attitude in children. Traits such as empathy, compassion and flexibility need to be taught and also a curiosity.

A few  things that we like to encourage

  1. There is so much free stuff on in and around Auckland particularly that celebrates diversity in music, food, theatre, drama and festivals that we regularly take the children too.
  2. We love food so we use this as a great connector to talk and share about different cultures depending on the food that we are enjoying.
  3. We make a point of having the children keeping in contact with friends who move oversea’s. Below is Adikas with his friend who has moved to Malaysia. They love keeping contact via skype.

Its not hard once you get started.

What do you value when it comes preparing your child for their global place in the world?


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