A few of Ara’s strengths




I will do what I say I will do.  Sometimes I will say ‘I don’t know’ rather than make something up, but I will then research to find out what I need to know. I will never oversell you simply to get your business. Sometimes you might want me to work in a particular way that is not in the scope of my practice, or I think is unnecessary – I would let you know. I am genuinely interested in what’s best for your child, your organisation and and I will advise and work with you accordingly.


I can work creatively with children/young people, families, organisation to your tailored needs. I work with the strengths that are already their within your context and support you in amplifiying these areas to support growth and positive change.

Social intelligence

I work with people from may walks of life. I value diversity and always seek to consider the needs of children and young people through their own identity and culture to support them to flourish and be the best possible versions of them selves. Our kids are our future and I am passionate about supporting the process of our emerging citizens as those that ‘flourish’ and are able to navigate and negotiate their lives with confidence.