Inspiring interviews by young people for young people.



If you have something you would like to share, please send it in. By Adikas formerly known as Messi.

Green party MP, Julie Anne Genter on speaking from the heart and advocating for people first.

Adikas interviews Rui Peng, co founder of Critical Pixel Designs. Inspiring and supporting young people to create from his studio which is based at Wesley Intermediate school.

Messi interviews Peter Leilua, co founder of the Global Lighthouse charity. An inspiring advocate changing the lives of young people in Mount Roskill.

Messi interviews Swati Rao, an inspiring young advocate and Miss World NZ finalist on changing disability into ability.

Messi’s message for Metiria Turei and John Key on the “Feed the kids bill”.

Messi interviews Tristan Pang, an inspiring teenager and child prodigy out to impact globally.

Messi interviews Tayla Jane, an inspiring teenager impacting lives.

Messi interviews Kim Beale, passionate soccer coach, inspiring young people in West Auckland and beyond.

Messi interviews Andrew Patterson, an inspiring broadcaster from Radio Live.

Messi interviews Shamubeel Eaqub, an inspiring Economist.

Messi interviews Guy Ryan CEO at Inspiring stories.

Messi interviews Geoff Simmons from the Gareth Morgan Foundation.


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